Offer SuperShape30-day online program | easy & personal | only 10 minutes a day

To build a stronger core and define more abs: hellóóó beach body!

With SuperShape|Stronger Abs with a Smile we will get you stronger, fitter and more sure of yourself. This goal-oriented program targets all your abdominal muscles, as well as the other oh-so important core muscles (pelvis, lower back, hips). 

With a smile? Absolutely! Smiling helps you through the tougher moments, leaving you with a happy memory and ready and strong for the next workout!

For all who:

  • want to get toned and ready for the next season
  • feel sloppy and need a kick-start after a long Corona-break
  • need a personal coach to keep a firm backbone (bye bye couch potato)
  • have a busy schedule and need an efficient workout routine
  • cannot join our outdoor bootcamps (e.g. due to time, location)
  • want to boost their self-confidence
  • need peers in the same boat: together strong!

This program includes:

  • 22 (!) ten-minute workout videos (2 resting days per week)
  • high variety in bodyweight exercises: keep it dynamic and fun!
  • daily email with demo and 10 min. workout video / inspiring and motivational content / healthy recipe of the day, and much more
  • infinite access to the program once purchased
  • community support of peers in our private SuperShape FB Group
  • me, as your coach & motivator 🙂

Some reviews after the SuperShape pilot (2021):

Sanne: ‘finally, a programme that has not made me give up and which I have even done several times already, with great results’
Cees: ‘Can’t believe it, for the first time in my life you can actually SEE my abs!’
Hans: ‘The biggest win for me is that my back no longer hurts in the morning’
Floor: ‘I feel stronger and my running is getting easier ánd faster: my cross-country results are getting better and better!’
Reinout: ‘The 10 min. SuperShape workouts fit well in my schedule, first thing I do every day’
Helene: ‘Once I had finished the 30 days I really missed the workouts, so I started again’
Els: ‘Your humor and positive approach help me not to give up’