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SuperShape your butt, with a smile!

Sculpt the bum of your dreams in just 10 minutes with this quick, but extremely beneficial routine

Life changing benefits of this SuperShape Booty workout

  • Strengthening your glutes will prevent hip and knee injuries
  • You’ll gain a stronger back and a tighter core, which will improve your posture and make daily tasks easier
  • You will be able to run longer and faster as your legs become stronger and less likely to acidify
  • The gluteal muscles stabilize the pelvic floor, reducing the likelihood of too much of a posterior or tucked position
  • Having a strong and beautiful bum boosts your self-confidence, builds resilience, and reduces anxiety

"Tell me, you are 50, how do I get a body like yours?"

My name is Jacqueline and I am often asked this question.
The answer? Simply move a lot and keep smiling; that is to say, keep your mind and body active. 

Training people, both outdoors and online, has been my passion since 2016. Supporting people towards an active and healthier lifestyle is something I enjoy very much and take great pleasure in. 

Using playful workouts and a light-hearted approach, I hope to motivate you to build a stronger body.
The SuperShape programmes are designed to help you achieve that and effectively transform your life. 

With my free must-do booty session, you take the first step today!

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Are you ready to sculpt the bum of your dreams?